EmpathicSDS: Bringing Empathy to Speech Interactions using Lexical and Acoustic Mimicry

Personalized Just-in-time Mobile Breathing Guides to Help Manage Stress and Support Well-Being

EmpathicGPS: Adapting the Voice Tonality of a Navigation System based on Driver’s Physiological Arousal

EmpathicMusic: Bringing the User’s Facial Emotions into Personalized Music Recommendation

Multimodal Real-Time Detection of Driver Frustration based on Information from Facial Expressions and Heart Rate

Automated Emotion Recognition in Speech Events considering Lexical Content, Prosody, and Facial Expressions

AttentivU: Biofeedback Glasses using EEG and EOG for Driver Attention Monitoring and Improvement

Just-in-time Driver Frustration Mitigation by Soothing Ambient Light and Offering Automated Driving Takeover

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